PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Ruffie Rustic Foods to show you anyone can embrace a plant-based diet (even you).

I wouldn’t describe myself as a classically ‘busy’ person. I don’t have a particularly demanding job or an insane social calendar. But I am someone who hates a deadline, leaves everything to the last minute and procrastinates (hard). So, as a result, I often feel busy (and stressed tbh).

And you know what suffers? My diet. Yesterday I had three cups of coffee and two potato cakes. And while I wasn’t exactly mad about it, I also know that I gave my body exactly zero nutrients. In fact, if anything, I probably just depleted its nutrients.

So if you, like me, are pseudo-busy (or maybe for real busy) and struggling to find that sweet life balance, here are a few tips and tricks to making sure you get at least one wholesome meal per week:

Get fully prepped

Meal prep isn’t just for the shredders and the gainers amongst us. It’s not just for bulk chicken and spag bol en masse. Meal prep is a bona fide way of making sure you’re getting wholesome, nutritious food that you love on the reg. Dedicate a Sunday arvo, get yourself in the kitchen and start cooking because a little preparation never hurt anyone. 

Go frozen, or go starving

Oi, so it turns out that frozen, ready-made meals are now genuinely tasty. Who knew? NOT ME. But I’ve recently been saved from my own pitiful ignorance and introduced to Ruffie Rustic Foods and, honestly, I can’t go back after this entirely plant-based range. Ruffie’s meals are super hearty, quick to warm up and perfect for when you just can’t even. I’m very into their Chicken-less Schnitzel with Penne Pomodoro, Butter Chicken-less, and Mushroom Risotto. 

Commit to the grocery shop

What happens when you’ve got nothing in the fridge and next to nothing in the cupboard? Takeaway, that’s what. Terrible, bad for you, no good nutrients takeaway. If you want to cut back on the calories and give your blood sugar a break, it’s time to start committing to the grocery shop. Pick a day, any day, and hit up your local market / supermarket / urban forest farm / whatever. Go gathering for all we care, just commit to having food in the fridge for once.

Start a sharehouse roster

Sharehouse / communal living / family home – doesn’t matter what your living situation is, if you share a roof with other grown-ups then a meal roster is never a bad idea. By allocating everyone one night per week to look after dinner, you’re getting AT LEAST two for the price of one, ya dig? Just set a ground-rule – ie, let’s try to keep all share meals clean and healthy. 

Find a couple of go-to recipes

Sometimes the biggest killer in the kitchen is inspiration. So to avoid the slump, which inevitably leads to bad food decisions, it’s handy to keep a couple of go-to weekly recipes on file. Personally, I’m a big stir fry and pesto pasta fan. Not together, obviously. I’m not a monster.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my dinnertime TED Talk. I hope you’ve gleaned some tiny bit of usefulness out of it. Now go delete all your takeaway food apps and fill your fridge with Ruffie meals, I dare you.