KFChaos: A KFC On The Gold Coast Erupted Into ‘Mayhem’ After It Dared To Run Out Of $2 Chippies

kfc chaos gold coast

A KFC on the Gold Coast plunged into hellish chaos after the store ran out of chippies on a Sunday night. The reaction was understandable really, when KFC does its chips right, it does them RIGHT. I could suck the salty seasoning off those bad boys like they’re lollipops.

The Kentucky Fried Calamity was reported by a writer for the Courier Mail, who was actually there when their local KFC in Robina became a scene from Dante Alighieri‘s 14th-century epic divine comedy Inferno. I’m talking hell bats in the sky and succubi on the STREETS.

Well, not really. But according to the CM, folks were doing U-turns in the drive-thru and customers were doing laps around the building, yelling at other customers. The reporter described the queues as “mayhem”. So even worse than demons.

“The fuckers have run out of chips and are trying to offer us dinner rolls and popcorn chicken,” one man reportedly yelled from his car to warn others.

“It’s a fucking disgrace and I can’t believe they would do this during a busy Sunday night service.”

Thing is, the store was doing one of those delicious deals where you can grab a $2 large chips. Understandably the store sold out lightning quick and couldn’t satisfy customers who were coming for the yummy bargain. Families probably came in multiple cars for that deal, which would have caused more chaos.

Folks reportedly took to the Robina Facebook page the following day to engage in discourse about the madness. Must’ve been the biggest thing to happen to the suburb in years.

“No need to get mad because they have run out of stock. There are people living on the streets dying for food,” wrote one Robinite.

“Poor kids! They can’t control stock shortages,” wrote another.

All this KFChaos and bedlam over a bunch of chippies? I get the chips are godly, but maybe we all need to touch some grass.

I would have rioted if the store ran out of popcorn chicken or maybe gravy, but the chips, as good as they are, I can live without. I go to KFC for greasy chicken that sometimes tastes like food of the Gods and other times tastes like it was pulled from the nearest sewer grate.

It’s that mystery that keeps me coming back. It’s like a lucky dip.