A 2-Day Gnocchi Festival Is Coming To Melbs, A Statement Which Has Already Given Me A Gunt

Gnocchi Festival

The very, very good people at The Ascot Lot are making dreams come true with their Gnocchi Festival this month. Yes, you read that right. It’s an entire festival dedicated to GNOCCHI, in Melbourne. Apologies to everyone else.

[jwplayer mfvXaPlu]

A slew of Melbourne’s most beloved food trucks and stalls dedicated to those little parcels of joy will gather at The Ascot Lot on Saturday, October 19… to, I assume, stuff you silly. I’m talking Pasta Face, Just Like Nonna’s, Jake’s Kitchen, Burrito Bae, and Ardor Food Co. Gluten Free, with more to be announced closer to the date. There’ll also be more vegan and gluten-free options available so that’s a little something-something for everyone.

Not to mention, The Lot’s Indoor Drinking Hall and Outdoor Garden Bar will be serving up Italian-inspired cocktails like Aperol Spritz (duh), Peach Bellinis, and Negronis. Combine that with some live entertainment all day long and you’ve got me hook, line, and sinker.

But wait, there’s more because it’s a dog-friendly event. The whole thing, all of it, dog-friendly.

As you can imagine, the event is going boonta on Facebook. About 10,000 people have already smashed the “Interested” button, which sounds about right. You can suss out all the details and do the exact same right here.

In fact, the team were so bloody stoked with the numbers they extended the festival another day (Sunday, 20 October). So that’s two (2!!!) days to eat as much gnocchi as your tum tum can take.

Three words: LOCK IT IN.