Don’t freak out but the legends at Gelato Messina are bringing back fairy bread in the most incredible way you could imagine. Yes, a fairy bread (!) cookie (!!) pie (!!!).

At this point, Gelato Messina cookie pies are the only thing keeping me going in 2020, so you could imagine my surprise when they released a bloody fairy bread cookie pie to bake at home.

I mean, look at this! LOOK! DELISH!

fairy bread cookie pie

“The crumbly bad boy is stuffed with vanilla custard and topping with A HEAP of 100s & 1000s,” the website reads.

You can get your grubby mitts on the delicious nostalgic dessert on Monday July 27 and can pick up from any of the stores between Friday and 31 July and Sunday 2 August.

The pie on its own will set you back $20, but they’re offering a sneaky discount if you pair it with a tub of gelato. Yes, that *is* an excuse to order a big ol’ tub of the good stuff, if you were wondering. Prices are as follows:

Fairy Bread Cookie Pie on it’s own – $20

Fairy Bread Cookie Pie + 500ml tub – $28 (would be $34.80, save $6.80)

Fairy Bread Cookie Pie + 1ltr tub – $36 (would be $44.80, save $8.80)

Fairy Bread Cookie Pie + 1.5ltr – $39 (would be $49, save $10.00)

Does it get any better than fairy bread cookie pie? Look, I really don’t think so.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to dream about this for the entire weekend.