Aussie Music Icon G Flip Has Launched A New Boozy Juice Drink If You’re Frothing Something Fruity

After wooing the nation with their legendary cover of Taylor Swift‘s “Cruel Summer”, G Flip has returned to win our hearts through our love of bevvies. Yep, that’s right. The Aussie music icon is launching their own alcoholic drink line. Consider your thirst quenched!

As someone who often yearns for something new every night out, I am pleased to share with you that G Flip has entered the drinky chat with BOX — an alcoholic juice fusion, perfect for those who wanna skip the fizz but want that sweet, sweet nectar.

JUICY! (Credit: Supplied)

Me by the pool pretending it’s still summer and not Antarctic-level cold. (Credit: Supplied)

According to the beloved Aussie muso, the concept of BOX was inspired by what they like to drink before jumping on stage.

“BOX is the drink I always wished existed,” they said.

“My drink of choice has always been juice and alcohol. One because I like the flavour of juice, and two, since becoming a singer I stay away from carbonation – think burping on stage, nobody wants that. So juice and alcohol is what I drink before I perform – it’s my vibe.

“So, I decided to create the real deal. No word of a lie, it tastes amazing.”

TBH this is how I feel when I burp. (Image source: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

BOX will be dropping into the market with two flavours, BOX Apple Guava Alcoholic Juice and BOX Tropical Bang Alcohol Juice, and has been described as a “taste of nostalgia with a boozy punch.”

The bevvies are made with real fruit juice with no artificial sweeteners. BOX is also vegan and low in gluten, so everyone can have a cheeky sip!

And if you wanted more lore about how the boozy juice manifested into a real thing, G-Flip teamed up with Moon Dog Brewery for this project, who says the minimal carbonation “enhances” the fruity flavours leaving you with a “juicy mouthfeel.”

So, if you’re fanging for that refreshing “juicy mouthfeel” after a hard day’s work — or just because you feel like it — you can cop a BOX drink at your closest BWS or Dan Murphy’s from early July.

Image source: Getty Images /  Don Arnold/WireImage