Furphy Wants To Shout Fully Vaxxed Legends Their First Froth Whitlam Once The Pubs Are Back

free beer furphy fully vaccinated

It’s Friday morning, so just take a moment to close your eyes and let your mind wander to the first pint at the pub. That gentle kiss of the draught froth as it hits your lips, the scent of a freshly-poured beer rushing up your nostrils and sending your good-feeling receptors off their clackers. What if that beer was, dare I say it, free? That’s exactly what the legends at Furphy want to do: shout us our first frosty beer back at the pub.

Yep, the beer barons have kicked off a national initiative called Vaxxed to the Pub, which is encouraging Aussies to get their tow COVID jabs by incentivising it with one thing we struggle to say no to: a free beer at the pub when the doors crack open again.

As someone who very much backs the push to get vaxxed so we can Go Pub, this news is bloody good gear for me. Being protected against a deadly virus and getting a free Froth Whitlam at the pub?

Sign me the fuck up, thank you very much.

“We want to encourage all Aussies who can to get fully vaccinated,” a spokesperson from Furphy said.

“We can’t wait for the Furphys to flow once more and give some much-needed foot traffic to our hospitality mates.”

To cop your free refresher when the local watering hole creaks the doors back open once again (hopefully soon, fingers crossed), all you gotta do is find you closest pub that has Furphy on tap or in the fridge, and claim your free froth through the MyyApp loyalty rewards app. Hell, may as well download it now so you’re all prepped for the moment the pub opens up again, hey.

Until the first precious hoon down at the local saloon, I’ll be daydreaming about the hoppy smooch of a crisp precious bevington. Truly the only thing getting me through late lockdown.