There is simply no greater feeling than witnessing two iconic snacks join forces to create one even more iconic snack – such is the case with the mighty Toblerone and blessed cheesecake, who’ve unified to create the tummy-tingling Toblerone cheesecake.

The tantalising creation was discovered in supermarket freezers by Instagram sleuths Food Finds Geelong, and it subsequently set the internet alight.

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The snack find gurus documented their initial taste-testing thoughts alongside the image, noting that the Toblerone topping did manage to get a little overpowered by the biscuit base. “In saying that,” they continue, “that biscuit base is delicious and blends perfectly with semi sweet centre and again really good for a frozen cheesecake 8/10.” 8/10 is a pretty high accolade, to be fair – more than worthy of throwing your poo change at, I reckon.

“Once Mardi Gras is over,” one Instagram user commented underneath the flick, which is a huge bloody mood. Actually, the more I think about it, the timing of the Toblerone Cheesecake is homophobic – why couldn’t they wait ’til after I needed to squeeze into a full-body latex outfit? Goddamn.

Toblerone Cheesecakes are available at Coles for $11 bucks. So go on, what are you waiting for? HURRY.

Image: Instagram / @foodfindsgeelong