FREELOADER FRIDAYS: Score Yourself Free Tinnies For A Whole Damn Year

tinnie, beer

A pint, cold one, libation, brewskie, schooey, hops scotch, daddy’s milk. These are just some of the few affectionate terms we all know for the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods that is beer. Doesn’t matter what you call it. Everyone understands the universal language of cracking open an ice cold tinnie with their mates on a hot summer’s day.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Tinnies is the product of an urban playground, surrounded by thought-provoking street art and a thriving food network. Brewed to be an easy-drinking no nonsense craft beer for the discerning lover of golden barley, it is made for Aussies by Aussies. Sound good?

tinnie, Beer

See? Universal Language.

The team at Tinnies are giving 5 of you lucky suds – I mean sods – FREE BEER FOR A YEAR*.

Just scan your eyes back over that last part. Free. Beer. For. A. Year. That’s one case every month for 12 whole months. Choose to share with your friends or go ‘My Precious’ on its ass and ration your winnings. Either way you come out a winner.

As a struggling millennial myself the importance of jumping on the proverbial life raft that is ‘freebies’ is not lost on me. So this one could really be a game-changer, guys.

tinnie, beer


Here are some examples of how to deal with social situations after winning:

“Do you want to go to the pub for an arvo schooey?”

“No, I have free beer at home.”

“Do you want to come out and enjoy a lovely succulent Chinese meal?”

“No, I have Tinnies and MAFS waiting at home.”

“Will you attend this party with me? There’s a bar tab!”

“No, I have beer and I plan on entering as many online competitions as possible.”


*  Free beer for a year is based on 1 x 24can case per month for 12 months.

Always remember to drink responsibly.