PSA: Uber Eats Are Slingin’ Free Macca’s McFlurries Your Way This Week

It’s 36 fucking degrees in Sydney right now, and you know what that feels like? It feels like a portal to hell has opened, is what it feels like.

Perth‘s no better – temps are a roasty 28 today, and the rest of the week is that or higher. Summer is bloody HERE and we are all melting.

So there’s literally no better time for someone to shout “FREE ICECREAM” – and that’s basically what Uber Eats have done.

They’re throwing free McFlurries to Sydney and Perth users of Uber Eats from today right through ’til Xmas Eve. If you’re a new user, you’ll score a freebie right off the bat – delivered to your door.

Just download the Uber Eats app and enter promo code FREEMCFLURRY for $13 off which will cover the cost of a McFlurry, including delivery. Then search for ‘McFlurry’ and tap ‘Place Order’. Too easy.

Not a new user? LOL who is at this point.

Don’t start yelling at your computer just yet, though – free McFlurry promo codes will be popping up on the app all week, so you can still  potentially score some delicious Oreo (the superior flavour) goodness for yourself, too.

My only gripe is they are always EONS better with double-Oreo. And I doubt they’ll be taking requests for the extra Oreo addition. Whatever, I’ll make my own extra topping.