PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with UNiDAYS to hook you up with a semester’s worth of groceries. Wave goodbye to Mi Goreng and say hello to something decent for dinner by entering HERE.

If you’re a uni student living out of home (or even at home, tbh), getting by is fucking tough. Being ‘fiscally responsible’ is such a boner kill, but thankfully, there’s a solution to this form of flaccid existence. We’re talking about free food, folks.

Be it in the form of an occasional ‘we wanna help but don’t want you to rely on us pls’ care package from your parents or unsold pastries from a hospo-employed mate, having an injection of free food into your life can really turn the tables. You can finally get sauced at the tav without eating Mi Goreng for the rest of the week. You can focus on clearing some of that looming debt hell-bent on ruining you for years to come. You can survive, people.

But what’s better than free food? A lot of free food.

free food

The discount legends at UNiDAYS are running a competition to be your salivation salvation – offering up a semester’s worth of groceries to one lucky/broke student.

Yep, you could win $100 a week to drop at either Coles or Woolworths (your choice) for 20 weeks, which is something we’re sure will really shake shit up for you. If you do win, then you’ll have 12 months to redeem the prize in line with the retail partner’s gift card terms.

To enter, all you’ve gotta do is head HERE and sign up for their offensively decent student discounts. Getting access to deals like 20% off at Cotton-On, 10% off at ASOS, 10% off your next pair of Vans, and 30% off Dominos make it a win-win regardless, tbh.

Just for the cheap seats down back:


And on the off chance that went over your head:




Best of luck, y’all. We’re sure you’ve got this one in the (grocery) bag.