Truly it’s only good and fair that I, Courtney Fry, write an entire story about National Fry Day, which is tomorrow. Friday July 13. Fry day. By me, Courtney Fry – PEDESTRIAN.TV’s official Fry Correspondent.

Anyway, you clicked on this because you bloody wanna know where to cop a chippie tomorrow. Probably for free. The only thing better than a fresh hot chippie is a FREE fresh hot chippie.

So here we go, here’s where you can grab yourself some free as hell chbippos tomorrow, on National Fry Day. You’re welcome, and pray the sauce doesn’t cost extra.


Not called Lord Of The Fries for nothing, and definitely not here to fuck spiders, the kings of the chip are giving away a free cup of their perfected potato with a side of dippy sauce (also free!) with absolutely no catches. You could just go up and say WHERE’S MY CHIPPY* and they’d have to give it to you.

Golden goodness ????

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They’re giving them away between 1-2pm tomorrow so hot foot it down to your local if you’re in Syd, Melb, Adelaide, Perth or Gold Coast.

*Don’t do this, hospo workers are people too. Don’t scream about chippies in someone’s face.


A Sydney institution for chicken, but also the humble chip. Chargrill Charlie’s are giving away free chippies for potato-lovin’ parties between 12pm and 4pm tomorrow at all 10 of their stores across the NSW capital.

You’d be clucking (chippin’?) mad not to take ’em up on this offer tbh.


What if free chip, but they come to you? Deliveroo has sweetened the deal and twisted the arms of a few select restaurants on the app in four capital cities and one golden coast (ahem, Gold Coast) to give out free chippies with every meal sold.

Get ordering from Sydney’s Surly’s, Melbourne’s Pizza Forno, Brisbane’s Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack, Gold Coast’s Salt Meats Cheese, Perth’s Mondo Fresco and a bunch more to cop a side of chip for absolutely nothin’.

Can you believe that Deliveroo has served up a hefty 250,000 kilos of chippies to all you hungry folks while you’re happily slothing on the couch? I know right, it’s absurd.

Image: Getty Images / Tom Williams