PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Moccona Ice Brew to put your expectations on ice.

These past few weeks have been quite the comeuppance for those misguided folks who insisted that it wasn’t going to be too hot this summer. Not too hot hey? HA, I tell you. Sit there roasting on your throne of lies, because frankly when you walk outside and get smashed in the face with a big ol’ wall of heat, I know who I’m believing.

So naturally we’re seeking out any way, shape or form possible to cool the heck down. I’m not proud to admit it, but this summer I discovered that I can in fact fit into the freezer, with the door closed. But, extreme measures aside, from having your fan on full blast in your face, there’s a method for every budget.

And on Saturday the 9th of February from 10am to 6pm, you’ll be able to pop across to Bondi Pavilion to down a bottle of Moccona Ice Brew and cool your jets.

It’s gonna be a cool lil’ setup that’ll allow you not only to get your sweaty mitts on some srsly refreshing coffee, but also get a damn good selfie for your ‘gram at the 180 degree ice block photobooth – because if you go somewhere and didn’t put a piccy on Instagram, did you even go?

There will also be a DJ and music area for you to get your boogie on when you’re finally refreshed enough to move again (and the urge to dance strikes – which is apparently a thing that happens to people but I’m still waiting, soo…).

Honestly though, the appeal of going to fancy events like this is to get a buncha samples of refreshing coffee and rub shoulders with the influencers who dominate your feeds. Yes? Yes.

So not only will you be copping some icy drinks with samples of Moccona Ice Brew (but get in early, coz when it’s this hot they’ll get snapped up quick smart), you’ll also be able to sneak in the background of your fave influencer’s pics (unless the brew gives you the courage to go up and say hey).

And tbh, I’ll do anything to get a break from this heat.

Get sippin’, folks.

Image: iStock / holgs