It’s Ya Last Chance To Send Someone Free Chicken McNuggets For Valentine’s Day


For those of you who live, breathe and eat Chicken McNuggs, this upcoming Valentine’s Day is bound to be a highlight of your year – nay, decade – regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not.

That’s because ol’ mate Maccas, celebrating the launch of its new Spicy Chicken Range, is sending out its very own Nugg-A-Grams on behalf of 150 chicken-enthusiasts who are lucky enough to get their name selected as part of the V-Day promo. The comp closes at 11pm tonight though so get around it while you still can.

Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Chuck your details into the registration form above.
  2. Tell us who your special someone is and why.
  3. We’ll pick 150 winners to send out their own Nugg-A-Gram and notify you by email on the 13th of Feb, so check yo mail.
  4. If you win, make sure you know the person you’re sending your Nugg-A-Gram to is going to be there to receive it.
  5. Our Cupids will deliver to your special someone between 11:30am – 5pm on February 14th.

If you get selected, you’ll have the primo chance to send anyone you’d like their own human Cupid who’ll serenade them via song before handing over two handmade nugget necklaces (one for both of you) and of course, a six-pack of Spicy Chicken McNuggets. Who ever said Valentine’s Day had to be a massive grind?

Naturally, for that special someone to cop the full Nugg-A-Gram treatment they’ll actually have to be there to receive it, so make sure they know it’s coming ahead of the day. Nothing would suck more than Cupid singing their little heart out to an empty chair.

Knowing how much Aussies bloody froth the golden-arched goodness, you should most def get in sooner rather than later if you even want to stand a chance of sharing your love of someone through the holy McNugg. Free food makes people go a tad crazy so you best believe people will be clambering over each other to get their gob around some Spicy Chicken McNuggs.

The clock is officially ticking to register so stop stalling and get around it. Worst-case scenario you miss out completely and have to grab your own Spicy Chicken McNuggets or Spicy Double McChicken on McDelivery via Uber Eats but I mean, you still get that battered deliciousness so it really isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you – the worst thing would be to spend Valentine’s Day entirely nugget-free which isn’t a world I’d ever want to live in.

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