Buckets Of Bubble O’Bill Gumball Noses Are Up For Grabs Which Is Fun & Weirdly Sadistic

When Streets announced that the beloved Bubble O’Bill was moving into his own saloon in the freezer (read: put into tubs), there was one very important thing blatantly missing. His gumball nose, or the actual reason why he holds the Bubble O’Bill name. Without that chewy little schnoz, he’s just…Bill.

In response to the (very fair and understandable) outcries from the public – who I believe were hootin’ and hollerin’ and shootin’ their pistols like some old-timey Western extras – Streets has released the hostage noses, in little lolly bags. Noses in bags, not grim at all.

Sure, it feels a little bit sadistic to know these gumballs are meant to be the noses of a bunch of Bubble O’Bill ice creams, and maybe Tubble O’Bill is actually a terrifying message from some rival cowboy in the next town over, and maybe the big drop of gumball noses is a message that the sheriff needs to pick up their act if they’re gonna keep the prairie safe from future incidents of “gotcha nose”, but also LOOK they put them in a gumball machine with a tiny little cowboy hat.

bubble o'bill gumball nose
Oh God look they’re so cute.

To get your hands on one of these boy howdy rootin’ tootin’ bags ‘o honkers, you gotta be a sharpshooter on the ol’ dusty plains of Facebook. Keep your eyes peeled on the Bubble O’Bill FB page, because that’s where you’ll be able to throw your own hat in the ring and try and score yourself a little delivery of these here jaw-slappin’ noses.

There’s only 20 to be won, so get your best word-writing chaps on, because I reckon you might have to do a bit of language gymnastics to find yourself in the lucky 20 winners.

Yee, and I cannot stress this enough, haw.