You know those moments when you’re going about your day, minding your own business and living your truest life, and then a piece of news comes along that completely shatters your entire existence and the world as you once knew it? Sick. Well get ready because Fratelli Fresh have just announced they’ve added a casual 1.5 litre aperol spritzes to their menu.



The 1.5-litre glass, known as the Super Spritz, is available for a stunning $39. It’s being marketed as something you can share with your friends and fam but, let’s be honest, this glass only has one name sprawled across it… YOURS, BINCH.

Fratelli Fresh’s updated menu also boasts metre-long pizzas and cheese-wheel pastas, which is also a major vibe and will provide the perfect lining for your stomach in preparation for litres of happy juice.

Let’s be real though, these spritzy bad boys are the main attraction here. I’m calling a new tradition – Friday night pre-drinks with a metre-long pizza and a gallon of aperol all to yourself. Oh yeah, and your mates should come too. Sorry, I forgot about them – priorities here, folks.

CYA diet, it’s been really real.