Four Pillars Gin Has Just Been Crowned The Best In The World So Take THAT, England

Aussie-born gin distillery Four Pillars has taken home the crown for International Gin Producer Of The Year at a huge spirits competition in London, beating out other international distilleries, including the one that copped the accolades last year.

First, we took the Ashes from the UK, and now we’re taking home a gin award from the HOME of gin.

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The Yarra Valley gang took home the most prestigious award from the 50th Annual International Wine and Spirits Competition in the UK, which is pretty much seen as the Oscars for the booze industry.

It marks the very first time that an Australian distillery has taken out the gong for the world’s best gin producer, beating out Kangaroo Island Distillery from South Australia, Bimmerle KG from Germany, and K.K. Number One Drinks (The Kyoto Distillery) from Japan.

I mean yes OKAY there’s an entirely separate section purely for UK gin but hey, let us have this. Let us be recognised as having the best gin in the world, ok?

It’s not surprising that Four Pillars grabbed the gold this year, with a catalogue of gins that are not only extremely award-winning but also incredibly good at getting you delightfully wankered on a summer’s afternoon. What’s not to love here?

The Four Pillars Christmas Gin is also a hotly-anticipated drop when it gets released every year, and its Bloody Shiraz gin has a god damned /cult-like following (including my mum, who I fear would have traded me off for a bottle of it if it were around in the 90s.)

So please join me in raising a hi-ball g&t to the champions at Four Pillars, who can now count themselves as official bigwigs in the gin business, and are just as good (if not strides better) than the Brits who pretty much pioneered the stuff as booze and not a weird medicine.