Some Aussie legend from Melbourne has driven his forklift through the drive-through of a Hungry Jack’s, and it’s things like this that make me stop what I’m doing and appreciate the greatness of this country.

Thankfully, someone caught the forklift action on video and posted it up on TikTok, for all of us to enjoy. TikTok user @jonodabest posted the footage with the caption “dude in a forklift at Hungry Jacks drive through… you only see this shit in Australia.”

And I mean, he’s right. Even though Hungry Jack’s is called Burger King around the world, I highly doubt we’ll be seeing an Americano pull up to get a couple of Whoppers in his forkie. This is our culture.

Please have a watch of the vid in all of its glory. I now crave a Whopper.


Bloke took his forky to hungry jacks ???? #whoppercheeseplease #fyp #australia

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I just wanna know what his order was, and whether or not he was ordering for all the tradies back at the worksite.

“Street registered, he can drive where he wants to. This is why I wish my work ones were registered,” wrote one TikTok user.

“I worked with a forkie that would take it to the drive-through bottle shop,” wrote another.

“Gold! He has his own fork if he’s getting chips with gravy” wrote a third commenter, to which someone responded, “does Hungry Jack’s have gravy?”

“Actually, very good question. I think I got it confused with Macca’s,” he responded.

Now look, I know Macca’s sometimes bring out the chips and gravy specials, but he could’ve easily said KFC.

I have to hand it to this Melburnian legend, if you have a forklift licence and you’re craving a burger or three on your lunch break, why not take it for a spin to the nearest drive-through. To hell with the naysayers who think it’s absolutely cooked.

If you need me, I’m gonna go and try to convince the bf that we should buy a forklift, because hell, it looks fun getting some takeaway in one of those bad boys.

Hungry Jack’s, look out for me, I’m gonna come honking through with a forkie sometime soon… just gotta deal with this whole forklift license thing.

Image: Instagram / @hungryjacksau