5 Food Trends & Moments That We’re Still Barely Recovering From

Look, we don’t need to tell you how great food is. Food is life, food is bae etc. And just like all things in this crazy ol’ world we’re living in, food continues to evolve into better, crazier, decadent, incredible versions of its former self – and if you need proof, then simply look at the food trends that cropped up in 2017.

If you haven’t already heard (oh, the shame), PEDESTRIAN.TV, together with our pals Swarovski, have decided to recognise the best moments in Australian pop culture – including the haps when it came to food trends, by throwing The Inaugural ‘PEZZYS’.

They’re basically like the Oscars, Logies, Grammys, AACTAs etc etc all tied into one – where we’ll be giving the much-deserved love to things that went on throughout 2017. There are eight categories (each with five nominees for a PEZZY) that’ll share the spotlight during the evening which, when viewed collectively, form quite the comprehensive cross-section of the happenings in Australian pop culture not too long ago. It’s on Feb 28th, so we need your help to make sure the right person takes home the gong.

Below is the category we’ve aptly dubbed ‘Get Forked‘, and boy, does it have some mighty-fine contenders in its ranks. Check out why they’re up for some recognition, and at the bottom of this article, do ’em a solid by fanging them a vote. In doing so, you’ll go into the running to come along to this chic/free booze/free food event and arguably have the greatest night of your life. Oh, and soz-not-soz if these food trends/moments you’re about to read makes you aggressively hungry.

OAK’s Legendairy Frozen Choccy Milk Went Nationwide

In late Jan of last year, the existence of OAK-branded frozen chocolate milk (arguably the greatest development for chilled dairy goods ever) was shared to a number of meme-based Sydney Facebook pages, sparking a frenzy to uncover where the mystical liquid could be acquired. It was soon revealed that only seven Caltex and Caltex Star Mart service stations in Sydney had been confirmed to possess one of the fabled frappe-esque machines, leading to the lamentations of the lactose-thirsting masses.

Its exclusivity cemented its cult status, which then only grew when OAK announced it would be rolling it out a whopping 140 Caltex stores starting to offer the icy cow juice, including 55 locations in NSW, 33 in QLD, 18 inVictoria, 23 in WA and 11 in SA.

Lockout Be Damned, Sydney’s Iconic Lansdowne Hotel Reopened For Business

The lockout laws have seen the closure of numerous beloved venues around Sydney, but thankfully one place said “nup” to that trend: Chippendale‘s iconic Lansdowne Hotel. It had been quietly undergoing renovations for several months before announcing it’d be reopening its doors – and as expected, everyone was beyond stoked. The venue has quickly met, and arguably exceeded, the glory of its old days. Yep, we’re all eternally grateful to Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham (the owners of Mary’s Newtown and The Unicorn Hotel in Paddington) for bringing this establishment back into our lives.

Melb Meat Merchants Huxtaburger Launched A Hangover-Saving Brekkie Menu

The good folks at Huxtaburger not only have Melbourne’s back on the delicious treats front, they also have ‘em sorted on the hangover front too. Yep, they caused quite the stir after announcing they’d be delivering their goodness to regret-heavy humans – and when you’re serving up dishes like the B.A.E. burger (which features bacon, egg, cheese, smoked paprika mayo, and tomato sauce) and the Lads (beef patty, bacon, chorizo, egg, cheese, aioli, and tomato sauce), how could you not? But it wasn’t just their food trends that had mouths moving. You can order practical items like a disposable toothbrush and toothpaste, or chewing gum, or a Powerade, or some orange juice, or even – and we’re not kidding here – an iPhone charger cable.

Domino’s Introduced Vegan Cheese & We Melted With Excitement


Prolific pizza-slingers Domino’s announced that they’re making Friday nights a helluva lot smoother / cheesier for those with Vegan mates by introducing vegan cheese to their menu. Such a huge addition certainly didn’t go unnoticed – vegans around Australia went pretty nuts over the news. So, cheers Dominos for bridging the divide between vegans and non-vegans. You’re deserving of both a Nobel Peace Prize AND a PEZZY.

Golden Gaytime Sangas Were Invented, ‘Cos Dreams Do Come True

Streets revolutionised the ice cream game with their official announcement of the Golden Gaytime Sanga, which automatically made our hands feel sticky. Just over a week after a highly-pixelated but no less enticing image of the mythical treat emerged on a Golden Gaytime fanpage, the powers that be revealed that the Sanga’s weren’t some sort of fictional musing. Dreams really do come true, folks.

As you can see, a lot when down when it came to food trends/moments in Australia last year. Make sure you give these strides the recognition they deserve by voting for your fave using the below:

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