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Mind. Blown.

Before you consider taking a snap of your next Insta-worthy meal, put down your camera and learn from the master. Billy Blue graduate Jacs Powell is here to school the masses in the art of food photography, and it’s safe to say everyone else’s photos are deemed unworthy.

The art behind food photography is way more complex than simply pointing and shooting. Did you consider composition? Props? Exposure? Of course you didn’t, and that’s why yours look average at best.

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That’s not to say Jacs didn’t have a helping hand. The cuisine photographing kween learnt from the best of the best, so there’s still hope for all you novices out there. Don’t feel too bad though, we all have to start somewhere.

Check out the video below:

How To Snap Food 'Grams Like A Pro

Wanna know how you can take your food photography skills to the next level aka turn it into a career? See how Jacs Powell did exactly that.

Posted by on Sunday, 8 April 2018

If you’ve become irrationally jealous after watching Jacs in action, you can check out a variety of courses for this and other creative fields over at Billy Blue. Their 30-year hot streak ain’t nothing to scoff at!

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Image: Austin Powers