How To Nail Your Food Delivery Order When You’re Vulnerable AF After A Big One

Contributor: PEDESTRAN.TV

Deciding on the perfect food order is a difficult task as is, let alone when you’re sleep-deprived and riddled with morning-after nerves.

In fact, I feel like struggling to pick food after a big night out is just part of being human. Firstly, we’re spoilt with choice and the options can be overwhelming. Secondly, our common sense is a bit foggy. Finally, our mind can often play tricks, making us think we want a certain cuisine when we really don’t.

With this in mind, I’m pretty sure we’ve all had order regret – that tummy-sinking moment when your order arrives, you have two bites, realise you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life and the world subsequently ends.

Well, despite what you may be thinking, the world is still spinning, binch, and this means you have another opportunity to order that perfect meal.

Still spinning.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re nailing that next-day food delivery order.

Step 1: Be kind to yourself

Cut yourself some slack. It’s super easy to be negative and regretful in general when you’ve had a big night, so let’s make sure we’re surrounding ourselves with all the positive thoughts. Just know that you deserved to responsibly let your hair down and that these icky feelings will pass. Drink lots of water. Hydration is key. Mwah.

Step 2: Think distance

We obviously want food, and we want it now. Right now. As quick as possible. We’re running on empty and need some fuel in the tank, pronto. Check out the fastest delivery section for inspo. That’ll also considerably cut the restaurant options down, meaning you won’t be overwhelmed with choice.

Step 3: Know your strengths

What’s your go-to craving? Conversely, what do you always think you’ll love but then have 2 bites of and throw away? For example, I know that I’ll always be keen for a pasta or poké bowl, but a curry is reserved for a certain kind of mood (when my tum isn’t too whack, if you get what I mean). Whatever your preferences are, listen to yourself – don’t make rash decisions just because you’re feeling a certain type of way.

Step 4: Portion control who?

Over-order and save some for later. Not only will you have future meals sorted, but you also won’t be wracked with guilt for not prepping tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s lunch. Two birds, one hungry stone.

I’ve just ensured that your food delivery will be forever guilt-free. You’re welcome. Head over to Deliveroo to start orderin’. Bon appétit.