I tell not a single word of a lie when I state very clearly that I have been waiting for this day for literal years: US burger geniuses Five Guys look likely to begin their long-awaited push into Australian territory in 2021, with Sydney almost certain to play host to the franchise’s first location.

After whispered speculation mid-last year that officials representing Five Guys were sniffing around familiar shores mid-last year, it now appears all-but certain that Five Guys will open the doors on its first Australian location at some point in early 2021.

Per a report from Good Food, the Seagrass Boutique Hospitality group – who operates brands such as The Meat & Wine Co, Hunter Barrel, 6 Head, and Ribs & Burgers – has picked up the local franchise rights, and is currently moving on various sites in the Sydney CBD.

Five Guys already has a swathe of locations outside its US home, with locations across the UK and Middle East, as well as in France, Germany, and Singapore as well. However an Australian location would be the company’s first southern hemisphere outpost.

According to a spokesperson for the Seagrass group, location negotiation in the Sydney CBD is well underway, and “we are looking to open our first store in early 2021.” Which, oh boy.

Following a launch in Sydney, Seagrass will then look to expand the Five Guys reach across Australia with locations in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

For the record, Five Guys is easily the superior of the “cult” favourite US burger chains, eclipsing Shake Shack by a decent amount and leaving the thunderously overrated In-N-Out in the dust.

That’s my hill and I’ll gladly die on it here and now.

Image: Getty Images / Noam Galai