Before we begin here, we have to state firmly that this is rumour and speculation at best, so take it all with as many grains of delicious, yummy salt as you’d like.

Unequivocally the king of American burger chains, Five Guys, is currently in the middle of a planned international expansion into the south-east Asian market, and there’s strong speculation that Australia could be next on its to-do list.

Five Guys yesterday confirmed the long-planned expansion plans, with the cult burger chain set to arrive in Singapore later this year. That store follows in the footsteps of one in Hong Kong, opened last year, which was the first Five Guys to be established in the Asia-Pacific region.

That’s all part of a grander international expansion plan that’s been three years in the making, and it’s where Australia comes into play in significant fashion.

In 2016, the company confirmed plans to aggressively expand their international operations, with a proposed five-year plan to take their global footprint from eight countries up to twenty eight. The chain is already entrenched across Europe – particularly in the UK – and the Asia-Pacific expansion represents the second big push into non-American territories for the burger chain.

Therefore: Australia.

There is nothing confirmed at this stage, obviously, and the company has not issued any comment on the matter, but the meaty stars are aligning for a Five Guys appearance in Australia at some point.

Now, to address the headline elephant in the room.

Five Guys is, without question, the best American burger chain. Shake Shack is perfectly fine; perfectly decent, even. In-N-Out is staggeringly overrated, bordering on gussied up trash. Somehow both dry and sloppy at the same time.

Five Guys is King. The burgers are superior, the range and flexibility of toppings is untouchable, and they simply do not ignore the fries. The fries are just as important to Five Guys as the burgers are, and it shows.

There is no question about this. I’ve done the research. I am right.

Image: Getty Images / John Keeble