Fireball Is Flogging A Huge 3.5L Goon Sack Full Of Spicy Nectar & I’m Crook Just Looking At It

fireball goon sack

Don’t freak out but Fireball is slinging a giant 3.5L goon sack filled with the good stuff, so I guess that’s Christmas drinks sorted.

The Firebox is comprised of two 1.75L casks of the iconic cinnamon whiskey, with two separate taps for the ultimate party starter.

Seriously, move over Fruity Lexia, because the Firebox is the new Goon of Fortune staple. *This is a joke, for the love of God, don’t play Goon of Fortune with straight Fireball, I am BEGGING you.*

“So many of our Aussie Fireball fanatics have a soft spot for the trusty old goon bag. We think it’s the perfect time of year to ramp up the silly season, so get this bad boy in the fridge or esky for some fun everyone can get in on,” Fireball Australia Marketing Manager Jon Prew said.

As the proud new owner of a giant Fireball goon sack, I mean it when I say, just looking at the sheer volume of this thing has given me a hangover. It’s HUGE.

Whether you’re arriving at your family Christmas party, or planning a NYE piss up, the Firebox is sure to satisfy everyone in attendance. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to finish this bad boy.

However, like every night that begins with a game of Goon of Fortune, the Firebox is here for a good time, not a long time, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to give the gift of Fireball this Christmas.

The box will set you back $224.99, which is actually *really* good value for money if you’re a Fireball drinker. Some quick maths has shown me that this volume of cinnamon whiskey will usually set you back $244.30, so it’s not only a novelty, but it’s also a bargain.

They’re only slinging 1000 of these bad boys across Australia through Booze Bud, Bondi Beach Cellars, Liquor on Oxford Street and a few other selected retailers.

As the great prophet Mr. Worldwide once said, I’m on Fireball.