HUGE: Eggslut Is Doing A Pop-Up In Melbourne Next Weekend So Fkn Lock It In


You know what’s really dumb? Writing about Eggslut on a Friday night… when you work the night shift with no dinner in sight. But alas, here I am. Celebrity chef Alvin Cailan, founder of the extremely hyped LA restaurant chain Eggslut, is heading to Melbourne for a morning pop-up next weekend. Immediately tag all your friends. Do it. 

[jwplayer gYUdE2xU]

Cailan is collaborating with Collingwood burger joint Easey’s, and because this gig just isn’t spicy enough, Easey’s has also partnered with TRUFF Hot Sauce – that’s truffle-infused hot sauce, the only one on the market.

Unsurprisingly, this pop-up is a ticketed event. According to a presser, via The Urban List, tickets will set you back $50. Hefty, but you’re paying for a bottle of TRUFF sauce (worth about 30 buckeroos), a choice of a sandwich, a TRUFF infused Bloody Mary, and a chance to meet Cailan. You could also win one of two Huffer Superdown Jackets valued at over $500.

But what kind of sandwiches, you ask?

Option one is an Eggslut inspired classic called The Beverly, featuring soft scrambled eggs, chives, and Easey’s potato cake, Pure Dairy Natural Cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, TRUFF sauce, and mayo on an Eggslut inspired bun.

Option two is the TRUFF Cheeseburger, an Easey’s smashed patty with medium egg, caramelised onions, garlic and dill pickles, American cheese, TRUFF, and mayo on a lightly toasted potato bun.

That sounds bloody good to me.

The Easey’s x Eggslut pop-up will take place on Saturday, 10 August from 8.00am to 11.00am.

You can read more about the event / grab your tickets right HERE