What Is The Proper Way To Hand Someone An Eclipse Mint Without Awkwardness? An Investigation

eclipse mints awkward hand over

Friends we need to talk about something. Something pretty much all of us have experienced but none of us really address. Handing over Eclipse mints to someone is one of the most awkward experiences on this hellish Earth. Let’s get into it.

When someone is holding a tin of Eclipse mints in front of your face, what do you do?

Do you hold your hand out and wait for them to start pouring or do you take the tin yourself and try to wiggle one of the mints out with your finger?

Whether handing these over or receiving them, the process is undoubtedly awkward for all parties. Let’s go over the many ways one can procure a mint from these satanic contraptions.

eclipse mints
Pandora wishes her box was as intricate and elaborate.

The Dirty Claw

You can always give one of these suckers to your mates by putting your finger in the box and clawing out a mint for them to have. The whole time they’ll just be watching your dirty little pointers wriggling around a steel box, waiting patiently.

Fun times for the whole family!

One in the Tin, Four in the Wind

Similar to this, you can hand the tin over to your mate and let THEM do the finger wriggling. Most people will opt to use their pointer, leaving their other four fingers just dangling there in the breeze.

This method sucks for the owner of the mints, who has to have their remaining treats touched by every single one of their friends. Letting you touch my mints? In this economy? Yeah, right.

The Shower

Another classic attempt at sharing these fuckers is by fkn dousing your mate’s open palm with more mints than they asked for. It’s near-impossible to get just one out of the tin perfectly, so you’re bound to end up with mess. Nobody likes mess.

The “Allow Me”

Similarly, you could be the one who opens your hand, pours way too many out and then hands one over to your mate.

At least with this method you can be the one to return the stray mints back to the tin, instead of watching your friend fumble around with way more mints than they asked for.

The Perfectionist

Slowly pour your box into your hand, shaking it around gently and waiting for the right moment to score a single mint from the tin.

This method is probably the most awkward because the person waiting for a mint has to watch you be a perfectionist. They just want fresh-smelling breath, they didn’t ask for this.

And there you have it, the numerous ways you can get yourself an Eclipse mint. All of them are awkward and none of them are fun.

Truly nothing is more perplexing than the design of this hellish mint tin.