PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Youfoodz to bring you delish meals in next to no time.

I’m scared of the kitchen for a number of reasons.

  1. I can’t be bothered to source ingredients.
  2. My cooking game is a weak flex, and doesn’t provide my tum with wholesome home-cooked nutrition.
  3. I feel like meal prep and cooking takes up too much of my precious time – time that could be spent doing more important things like scrolling through Instagram or crying over exes.
Sorry ’bout it.

So imagine my absolute squeal of delight when Youfoodz Meal Kitz fell into my lap, promising healthy, hearty meals that I could cook in under 15 minutes. For the first time in my life, I was really able to empathise with Hannah Montana when she talked about getting the best of both worlds.

Youfoodz have most definitely spiced up the food prep market, turning pre-made meals into really substantial home-cooked-style feasts worthy of two hats. Let’s walk through two of the kitz recipes together, shall we? And remember, if I was able to create these without slaving away all night, burning my kitchen or crying over my exes, then there’s hope for us all. Let’s dish about my dishing experiences.

Sweet Paprika Chicken With Super Greens (serves 2)

My nostrils were hit with that orgasmic paprika goodness as soon as I sliced open the packet. (Quick sidebar: if you aren’t obsessed with paprika, your taste buds need to get checked, pronto.)

After that chicken started to sizzle on the oily pan, the spicy aroma I’d been waiting for started to permeate the air, travel into my lungs and penetrate my soul. If a meal could be worthy of having big dick energy, I’d now come face-to-face with it. (Some may think I’m being extra, but I’m just really in touch with my emotions TBH. Sue me.)

Anyway, my roommates literally both popped their heads into the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about – they knew I had a spare serving up for grabs and were definitely vying for that lucky spot.

I got way too excited throwing the veg and chopped cherry tomatoes into the pan and watching it all marinate in all the pan’s juices. Coming from someone who will go to great lengths to avoid putting even the slightest of efforts into cooking, there was nothing more satisfying than knowing that all the veges and added goods were pre-prepared and that all I had to do was throw it all together.

The feta and honey-fennel dressing were the perfect final touches – I felt like Salt Bae sprinkling the feta on – and had already googled “how to join Masterchef‘s new season” because I felt like that bitch.

Long story short, I felt like a literal culinary connoisseur and the whole thing took only 14 minutes – yes, I unashamedly timed. Oh, and it tasted so good that I bypassed my roommates and saved that second serving for myself. Sorry ‘bout it.

Beef Fajita Wraps With Crunchy Slaw (serves 2)

Following on from my paprika creation, I was definitely getting a little confident (and dare-I-say excited?) diving back into my cooking. I also felt like an adult finally having actual food to prep at the office. Is this what maturity feels like?

After throwing all the goodness into the pan and heating up the rice, I grabbed the most impressively-large plate I could find and threw the rice, beef fajita mix, slaw, shredded cheese, and Mexican-spiced cottage cheese into an aesthetically pleasing array. I then just admired it on the counter for a while – I wanted to give my co-workers as much food envy as possible.

The most rewarding part, though, was creating my mini-masterpieces worthy of a #foodporn mention on the ‘gram.

I’m not even ashamed about the amount of fajitas I ate. They tasted fucking great – it was a justified office flex.

Also, shout out to the onion and mixed rice. You the real MVPs.

Feeling inspired? Feeling ready to conquer the kitchen, and up your chef game? To get your mits on these brand-spankin’ new Youfoodz kitz, jump on over to their website. There are also four other new kitz for your hungry tum to choose from, including a chicken stir-fry, creamy gnocchi florentine, Thai chicken green curry and Greek lamb salad. Shit yeah.

Happy creating, friend – Gordon Ramsay is quaking.

Image: Getty Images / nensuria