In order to get your attention these days, proprietors of food, you know, that stuff you need to eat to not die, must go to increasingly insane lengths of sickening combinations, throwing seemingly random foodstuffs together to create Frankenstein-esque monstrosities from your deepest calorific nightmares. And it fucking rules.

Cop your peepers on the latest of such un-holy creations, the just announced Donutella Versace from your mates and ours, Doughnut Time:

Doughnut Time’s 1kg Gold-Flaked Monstrosity Is Your Calorific Nightmare

That sound you just heard is every nutritionist across the country simultaneously weeping in despair.

The 1kg beast is made not only from insanity and a thirst for chaos but, in DT’s own words:

“Hershey’s & cocoa dough iced with chocolate glaze, filled to the max with Nutella and topped with chocolate flakes, Kit Kat, Oreo biscuit, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate sprinkles & chocolate chips, a mini jar of Nutella and Gold leaf for good measure!”

Designed to be eaten by four people (challenge accepted mates), the Donutella Versace comes to us from the Sugar Dimension in light of World Chocolate Day tomorrow and retails for a tidy $34.

You can pre-order this baddest of bad bois right now, but get in quick as its only available until July 13.

Doughnut Time’s 1kg Gold-Flaked Monstrosity Is Your Calorific Nightmare

Picture: Facebook / Doughnut Time.