PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Doritos to bring you cheesy pizza goodness.

Hear-ye, hear-ye! Come gather round! Are you ready to flaunt a culinary creation on Instagram and then recreate it IRL in front of a panel of judges for some potential cash? Sick.

This involves pizza, Doritos Crackers and $30K (literally everyone’s 3 favourite things), so you know it’s worthy of a listen.

To celebrate the launch of Doritos Crackers new ‘Meat Lovers Pizza’ and ‘Cheesy Pizza’ flavours, we’ve enlisted 6 pizzerias across Australia with the task of creating their own unique pizza featuring the new Doritos flavours. The restaurant of the winning pizza creation takes home $30K.

This is where you come in – we’re looking for a wildcard entrant to take on the restaurants in the bid for $30K.

Enough messing about. Here’s the lowdown of the competition:

Create a pizza using one of the new Doritos Crackers flavours and Instagram your pizza creation with the hashtag #doritospizza by 10 May.

The winner will then head to the crowning event in Melbourne on 23 May in which they’ll have to re-make the pizza live against the other restaurants chefs. (Once again, this means that if you made it at home, you’ll need to be ready to make it IRL.) A judging panel will taste test the pizzas and determine who wins the 30K. YUM.

Here are some other important things to note:

  • When you post to the ‘gram, you’ll also need to include a bit of a yarn in the caption about the recipe to prove you actually used these new bad boy flavours (no cutting corners, cheeky devils).
  • This comp is open to all Australians.

Keep your eyes peeled for the competing restaurants’ profiles, and stay tuned for further Doritos pizza goodness. It’s going to be a bloody tough decision to make.

Now start brainstorming and posting, you aspiring culinary chefs.

You have until 10 May. Bon appétit.

You after winning $30K.

*Terms &Conditions apply, see 18+ AU res. only. Max 1 entry/person.

Image: iStock / KatarzynaBialasiewicz