DoorDash Is Cooking Up Free Fries Tattoos In Syd & Melb This Saturday For Your Spare Bit Of Skin

tattoos sydney and melbourne

Ever wanted to honour your love for the modern world’s greatest innovation — fries — with a permanent treasure?

Well, my potato-loving friend, you’re in luck. This weekend, DoorDash is cooking up free fries-themed tattoos at two of the country’s most popular parlours. The food delivery lords are doing this to celebrate International Fries Day, which in my humble opinion, should be treated with more reverence than Christmas.

All you have to do is rock up from 10 am to either Bondi Ink in Sydney (ends 5 pm) or Fines Lines in Melbourne (ends 4 pm) and show the talented folks who work there that you’ve signed up to DashPass via the DoorDash App. Then, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of designs, crafted by two famous Aussie tattoo artists, founder of Fine Line Tattoos Cholo Caracciolo, and Bondi Ink’s Aliyah Van Kempen.

Here’s a lil’ looksie at the flash sheet you’ll be able to pick from at Fine Lines, designed by Cholo.

And here are the stunning tatties up for grabs at Bondi Ink, designed by Aliyah.

Considering tatts typically cost hundreds of dollars, getting a free one is a ‘uge win for the girlies looking for a lil’ treat in this economy.

Once you’re done getting inked, you can cop a serve of free chippies from either Bondi-local fave Curly Lewis, or one of Melbourne’s favourite food trucks, Beatbox Kitchen to munch on while you stare in adoration at your new tatt. DashPass actually offers unlimited $0 delivery fees, so you can get more fries the day after if you want to keep indulging.

It also wouldn’t be International Fries Day without Macca’s getting involved. Macca’s make the best Fries, hands down. No one else comes close to replicating the golden, crispy, salty goodness Ronald and Co. can conjure. Basically, on Saturday the 13th, spending $10 or more at Macca’s on DoorDash will get you a Large Fries for free. All you’ve gotta do to get the deal is add a Large Fries from Macca’s to your cart and use the exclusive code “FREEFRIES24” at checkout.

So, what the heck are you waiting for? Alert the GC and sign up for DashPass. Plus, if you’re new, you’ll be eligible for a 30-day free trial.

Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m gonna go gather my potato gang to cement our love for fries forever.