Text Yr Veg Friends, ‘Cos Dominos Just Launched Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread

Vegans and lactose-intolerant cheese lovers rejoice because Dominos has launched its own range of cheesy garlic bread so you can absolutely go to town and live your best greasy cheesy garlicky life.

[jwplayer KWvldr41]

Considering the success of bringing vegan cheese to their range of pizzys – which means you can turn some pizzas vegan BUT also have that delish gooey cheese on any ‘za without the lactose issue – the speedy pizzy kings decided to extend the cheese love to the garlic bread range. Because what’s better than garlic bread? When it’s stuffed with cheese, of course.

True that garlic bread is normally vegan anyway, but having the option of a dairy-free cheesy version is the GB version of building on perfection. Here’s a hack: add mushrooms. There’s a place in Sydney that does cheesy garlic bread with mushies and lemme tell ya, it’s life changing and everyone across Aus should be able to enjoy what I can only describe as a heavenly out-of-body experience.

The cheesy, garlicky, buttery stick of bready carby goodness is available right now so forget your lunch and dinner plans with your vego mates and just overload on the new Dominos offering from the gods instead.

Get around ’em for $6.95 pickup, because it’s Monday and you’re already too tired to cook anyway.