Pizza = yum.

Chocolate = yum.

A pizza covered in chocolate = yum yum get in my tum.

With this simple yet under-utilised mathematical equation of deliciousness in mind, Domino’s has just launched their first ever dessert pizza.

The Chocoholic Dessert Pizza, available in all ‘Strayan stores today, features a milk chocolate base generously topped with chocolate drops, fudge brownies and mini marshmallows. It’s topped off with a drizzle of chocolate and dusted with some icing sugar and voila, it looks like this:Domino’s New Brownie Dessert Pizza Is So Calorific You May Explode

This 7624kJ (or 1822 calorie) creation will set you back $9.95 and you can order it right fricken now.

That is all.

Image: Supplied