Ever stared longingly at a pizza and a loaf of garlic bread and thought like… why can’t this be both? Think no more! Domino’s is, as of  today, combining the two practically holy food stuffs into one hyper-religious celebration of all things good and pure in the world thanks to the launch of Garlic Bread Crust pizza.

Garlic Bread Crust pizza.

The crust.

Of the pizzy.

It is garlic bread.


Incredible scenes. Absolutely unprecedented developments. Unfathomable areas.

From today, people fanging for their pizza fix can make the crust a garlic bready treat from Domino’s for an extra $2.95. Which is a small price to pay for double the amount of garlic bread given you’ll obviously be ordering a full loaf as well no matter what.

Following in the footsteps of cheesy crust pizza, the garlic bread crust shoves a borderline illegal amount of garlic butter inside the pizza crusts before baking, turning the crusts into ad hoc bread kievs.

The launch of the garlic bread crust coincides with the arrival of a raft of new Domino’s flavours, including Chipotle Steak or Garlic Chicken & Bacon Ranch. Which frankly sounds like a potent cure for whatever ails you.

Some many question the decision making process in launching Garlic Bread Crust. Some may call it an affront to God. Some may scratch their heads and query how the melted butter stays inside the crust and doesn’t burst out the instant the pizza is sliced.

But consider this counterpoint: There is only one thing better than garlic bread, and that’s more garlic bread.

Food for thought, folks.

Image: Supplied