Domino’s Is Adding Broccoli As A Topping & Finally, Someone Recognises The Superior Vegetable

Domino's broccoli topping

People love debating whether pineapples belong on pizza (spoiler alert, they absolutely do and they’re great in burgers too), but I’ll raise you one and suggest Domino’s newest controversial food take: broccoli on pizza.

That’s right, the pizza giant reckons broccoli belongs on pizza – and I have to agree.

Broccoli is the elite vegetable, and no one can convince me otherwise. It’s amazing in soups, curries and stir-fries because it soaks up the flavour (I would die for a laksa-soaked broccy), it adds depth and freshness to creamy pastas so they can still feel healthy yet decadent, and it’s probably one of the very few vegetables that actually taste good steamed on their own. (I’m ethnic and steamed veggies were NOT part of my childhood diet).

Oh, not to mention broccoli soup is INCREDIBLE, you can eat the stems as well as the florets, and it’s versatile AF. Do I get paid by broccoli sponsors? No, but I should be.

I’ve never had broccoli on pizza, but I’ve had it in pasta and they’re basically both Italian so I’m just going to assume it’ll be good. I haven’t been let down by the humble broccy yet.

The ~interesting~ combo of broccoli and pizza comes as Domino’s announces three new add-ons you can pop on your pizza: salmon, broccoli and roast pumpkin.

Honestly, the fact that people seem offended at the idea of broccoli on pizza (despite how it goes perfectly with cheese), and yet are ignoring Domino’s suggestion of fkn SALMON on pizza, is the true hate crime here.

I don’t eat salmon in general, but if I did I would think it belongs with a salad, in sushi, on bagels, creamy pasta, *maybe* with a breakfast croissant. But salmon as a pizza topping??? Disgusting. I will die on this hill.