Don’t Watch This Viral Nachos Recipe If You Don’t Wanna Gag At Each Unhinged Step Of The Way

A nacho recipe that’s gone viral on Facebook might just be the most revolting insult to the entire food pyramid ever conjured. We have no-one to blame but ourselves and our insatiable hunger not for food, but for extremely cursed content.

If you plan on eating nachos ever again, don’t read this article. If you have guts of steel, scroll on.

A video entitled “ULTIMATE NACHO HACK” has clocked clocked over 14,000 reacts on Facebook, and many of them were laugh or angry reacts.

That’s because the woman behind the so-called hack seems to revel in taunting us with this gag-inducing recipe. The end result is like if Hurricane Tortilla ravaged the sewers of Flavourtown, seasoned with the tears (and diarrhoea) of Señor Guzman himself.

She starts off by emptying a whole tin of nacho cheese sauce (real cheese would be too good for her!!) all over the kitchen counter.

Then comes mince meat, lettuce, black beans, guac, sour cream and jalapenos, all in neatish rows.

“Anything that you want, you can put in nachos,” she says.

“It really is personal preference.”

After that, the woman empties a whole bag of taco seasoning into the mix, because apparently real spices are too tricky.

“This is really, really, really important because, to me, there’s just not enough spice without this,” she explains.

“You can use one or two packs, I typically do two but I’ll just do one for now.”

Then the mixing spatulas come out, like the Cold Rock Ice Creamery of your worst nightmares. The result: vomit.

Things somehow manage to get worse from here.

The woman proceeds to mix in corn chips, and then starts kneading the vomit-like corn-chip-nacho-sauce mixture with her bare hands.

What was the point of the spatulas, you ask? Who the fuck knows?

Finally, she whips out an ice cream scoop and puts balls of the “nacho” mix into a toasted bread cone.

The end result is truly revolting. Congratulations.

Eventually, the vid found its way to Twitter, where the reactions were unanimous in their bafflement.

The jury’s in: please under no circumstances try this at home.