Turns Out There’s 5 Different Types Of Margarita Drinkers So Let’s Suss Out Which One You Are

I’m just gonna say it: margaritas are the people’s drink. There are not many situations where a refreshing marg wouldn’t go down a bloody treat. Because of this, everyone has seen at least one type of these margarita drinkers in their friendship groups. It’s a proven science (cough, proven by me).

So, here we go, the five types of margarita drinkers you can find at any house party, picnic or gathering in the country. Tag yourselves.  

The Main Character Marg

We have to start with the Main Character first. She lights up any room she walks into, is always ahead of the trends and somehow knows all of the goss. You can find them telling you how good watermelon margs are and bringing cans of zesty, Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita to the gathering. She’s always adventurous but will share her drink with you because well, that’s main character energy.

The Picnic Punter

We all have a mate who’s constantly down for a meet-up. They’re the team extrovert and a master at organising plans in the group chat. In winter they’re hosting dinner parties but in the warmer months it’s picnic time, people! These folks are great at knowing which drinks, margaritas included, are the most portable (hello, canned beverages) and often have a fridge stocked full of cheese and dips. A true angel.

The Party Pal

While the picnic punter loves a civilised gathering, the party pal is the life of the, you guessed it, party. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or regular Saturday night, the margaritas are coming out. They can whip up their own stellar blend, or opt for a spill-proof Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margarita can if they’d rather spend time on the dance floor. Go off, King.

The Holiday-Lover

Will it be Mexico, Cancún, or Tijuana? This person is always thinking about the next holiday and you can find them sipping a marg at the party (or the airport) in preparation. Bc is there anything better than taking a sip of that sweet-yet-salty margarita pre-holiday? No. 

Girls’ Night Out

We love mums. But what’s the name for when a gaggle of them come into Mexican restaurants only to share one plate of nachos and sip exactly 1.5 margarita cans over the course of four hours? These gals are high on life, my friend. They’re out of the house, they’re feeling themselves and they’re going to have a good time tonight whether you like it or not. These women are also responsible for the chorus of ‘Woos!’ heard across the restaurant. N.B. You don’t have to be a literal mother to embody this energy. It’s a lifestyle, not a parental status. God love ‘em.

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