In today’s disgusting food news that’s bound to ruin your night, a woman found a fkn mouse foetus in her Woolies grapes and thanks, I’m never eating grapes again.

On Tuesday earlier this week, Melbourne woman Emma Belotti was casually tipping her Woolies grapes into a bowl for a lil’ healthy snack when she came upon probably one of the worst fkn things you could find in your fruit bowl. A dead baby mouse. Potentially a dead baby mouse *foetus*. Just typing that made me nauseous.

The following Wednesday, Emma posted a picture of the cursed grapes to the official Woolworths Facebook page, and it really is as fucked as it sounds.

Dead Mouse Baby Feotus Woolworths
What the actual FUCK.

“Tuesday night and have well & truly lost my appetite,” she said.

“Emptied your seedless red grapes from the bag into a bowl and found a baby mouse/fetus ugly specimen amongst them. No further words needed .. “

That’s goddamn right, no further words needed. I actually cannot get over how fkn nasty and bizarre this whole thing is. Like, it’s not even a whole adult mouse?? It’s a baby, potentially newborn one?? HOW DID IT GET THERE. Why are there dead foetal things in Woolies grapes?? This is 100% worse than the needles and strawberries thing, and I want to yeet myself off the planet.

Woolies replied to Emma, asking for more details and letting he know she’s entitled to return the grapes. Obviously. I didn’t even shop there and I want a goddamn refund. Refund my trauma, thanks.

“Hi Emma, thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. It is concerning to see what you’ve found in your seedless red grapes and we would like to look into it further,” Woolworths said.

They asked for more details regarding the purchase, before offering a refund.

“Please know that we have a Fresh or Free Guarantee so if you’re ever unsatisfied you may take your receipt or packaging back to our service desk and our lovely team will cheerfully provide you with a full refund and replacement. We look forward to hearing from you soon, thanks.”

The Woolworths these cursed and tainted grapes were found at was the Bentleigh Woolies in Melbourne. Emma’s already returned the grapes AND the foetus, and I honestly feel sorry for the staff member that had to deal with this. It’s not every day a customer comes back to your store with a fucking dead mouse baby to refund.