Now that Melbourne has been subject to locky d number 6, it’s safe to say that most Melburnians deserve to get on the beers as soon as possible. Thanks to one lovely Melbourne brewery, they can now do just that, but with a Dan Andrews themed beer to enhance the experience.

Ever since Victorian Premier Dan Andrews said “get on the beers”, it’s become somewhat of a viral Aussie sensation. A staple of Victorian comedy. I mean, an entire remix song of Andrews’ famous quote made the Triple J Hottest 100, which goes to show how much we simply froth it.

Melbourne brewery Public Brewery Co has taken our love for this Dan Andrews quote, and has turned it into a full-blown beveragino. And, it’s aptly titled the Dan Anbrews. If you can’t laugh at times like these, what can you do?

The brand new limited-edition brew is said to be made with Amarillo and Cascade hops, which sounds like a lovely time for my mouth. Public Brewery Co also notes that the Dan Anbrews (I giggle every time I write this name) has a “subtle fruity aroma” about it, for those of you who like a bit of class with their tinnies.

If you wanna get your hands on some of this Dan Anbrews action while it lasts, you can order at the Public Brewery Co website, or just make your way over to the Public Brewery bottle shop in Croydon, if it’s currently within a 5km radius of your home.

A 6 pack of this good stuff will only set your and your lockdown buddies back by $25, while a massive 24 slab will cost you $70. A good incentive to split the cost with your housemates.

“Just like Dan, this beer is thankful and grateful to those Victorians who have been following the rules, keeping safe, well and positive during these unprecedented times,” Public Brewery Co said in a press release.

“This beer encourages lightheartedness, fast and fruitful consumption, but note – social distancing is a must. With good intentions, The Public Brewing Co. wanted to provide a little playful humour this lockdown for all those doing it tough.”

We simply Stan Andrews. Now, get on the (lockdown) beers.