Everyone kneel for there is a new Easter Bunny king supreme. I know it’s February but I’m feeling snacky and Dairy Milk Clinkers Bunnies have just hit the shelves.

They’re a tasty combo of three of my favourite things: bunnies, chocolates and fun-coloured lollies.

The delicious new snack is a joint project from the minds at Cadbury and Pascall. Many thanks to those genius chocolate scientists for their commitment to my tongue.

Now, if you’ve never had a Clinker (for shame!) they’re lovely little pastel lollies covered in chocolate. Dreamy stuff.

The fabled Bunnies are made with Dairy Milk and are full of bits of pastel Clinkers. This means they combine two of the supreme lolly textures: soft (chocolate) and crunchy (Clinker).

Variety is the spice of life, as they say. And what gives us more variety than a themed chocolate? There’s a reason the Creme Egg is so popular. Plus the Clinker Bunny is basically Freddo Frog’s sexy, festive cousin.

It’s official, the Dairy Milk Clinker Bunnies are ticking all of my boxes and by boxes I mean taste buds.

Fun shape? Check. Delicious chocolate? Check. Fun little crunchy lollies? Check.

Forget hot cross buns, that’s the perfect Easter snack right there. Or perhaps some kind baker could think of a way to make Dairy Milk Clinker Bunny hot cross buns?

It would be the sequel to the Caramilk hot cross buns which I crave on a daily basis like an insatiable snack dragon.

The fun Bunnies are available in Coles and Woolies now so you can get into the Easter spirit early. Or you could just eat them without feeling festive at all!

The world’s your oyster. Don’t let me tell you how to live.

A sharepack will set you back $8 and you can also score an Easter egg and bunny combo for just $10.

Methinks I know what I’ll be hiding around by back garden this year…