Macca’s In China Has Tempted The Devil By Adding A Fucken Coriander Sundae To The Menu

coriander sundar macca's china menu

Possibly the most divisive and chaotic ice cream has landed on the menu at McDonald’s in China. The fast-food giant has started trialling a coriander-flavoured sundae, possibly to destroy tastebuds and invoke the wrath of the anti-coriander masses.

The new limited-edition ice cream treat (?) landed in stores on February 21, and photos immediately emerged online. Understandably, the creamy green creation has hit one hell of a nerve for anyone who deeply detests the bold-flavoured herb.

macca's coriander sundae
Uhh what? [Image: McDonald’s China]
According to the local Chinese Macca’s website, the sundae features the standard vanilla ice cream topped with a bright-green tangy lime sauce and dried flakes of coriander (AKA Chinese parsley) sprinkled on top.

Definitely green. Absolutely cursed. Possibly — dare I say it — tasty?

I really don’t know how to feel about this one.

Look, I know there’s a clear cultural difference here, and that herbs aren’t a savoury ingredient everywhere like they are in the Western world. Like, I gave the chilli oil sundae a run and didn’t mind it, but lime and coriander might be pushing the friendship a step too far.

It’s just so green. Like unnaturally green. I’m still coming to terms with the idea of putting avocado in smoothies, I just don’t think my brain and heart and mouth are quite ready to comprehend the flavour profile of vanilla ice cream with lime and coriander.

The internet naturally had a lot to say about the coriander sundae from Macca’s China.

Some stores have even gussied up the green machines with some fresh coriander, just to really drive home that flavour.

Yeah, it’s a no from me mates. I’m sure there are maybe three people out there who are into this kind of thing and I’m not about to yuck anyone’s yum but this is a Big Yucky.

Oh, and Aussie Macca’s if you’re reading this, please do not get any ideas. If you wanna put anything alarmingly green on the menu, bring back that Shrek swamp sludge McFlurry and the little ravioli dippers from 2007.