This TikToker Is Recreating Cooking Mama Recipes IRL & The Chicken Nugs Look Fkn Delish

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If you grew up in the 2000s, chances are you learnt how to cook from the kitchen goddess herself, Miss Cooking Mama. Either that or you desperately longed for her culinary embrace as you clutched your DS and begged for pocket money to purchase one of her many games. No matter which path you went down as a kid, be prepared to relive your childhood memories of Cooking Mama, ‘cos one content creator is trying to recreate her recipes as an adult.

As someone who basically uses TikTok to browse through different videos of people cooking, I was immediately hooked when I came across Raphael Gomes‘ (@raphaelgomesx) videos where he recreates Cooking Mama recipes.

Apparently, he has over one million followers and I just live under a rock, because I’ve never seen him before in my life.

In the TikTok vids, Gomes follows Cooking Mama’s recipes to a tee, including the rapid speed at which she gets things done. The end result is often a shoddy mess, but what did you expect when you let a DS game tell you what to do with your knives? I think I’ll stick to my RecipeTin Eats book, thanks.


she is the mother i never had

♬ original sound – Raphael Gomes

So far Gomes has made the chicken nugget recipe (which actually looked insanely good), a pepperoni pizza recipe, an apple pie recipe and a fruit tart recipe (which ended in disaster).

My personal wish is that he followed the recipes without trying to match Cooking Mama’s god-forbidden speed. I feel like that would have resulted in a finished product that wasn’t half-done at times.

But hey, who am I to complain? I’m just glad someone pulled out their apron and cracked open my childhood memories as well as a couple of eggs in the process.


it’s okay mama will help you 😵

♬ original sound – Raphael Gomes

As someone who always begged for a Cooking Mama game but never received one, it’s nice to see other people living my dreams.

I guess in the end I became my own Cooking Mama? Love that for the current me, don’t love that for the 8-year-old me who wanted to poke holes into a pie with a DS stylus.


mama had me STRESSED OUT

♬ original sound – Raphael Gomes

Time to whip out the whisk, friends. Who needs online recipes when you can just crack open your DS with the top screen that blacked out years ago?