We Don’t Mean To Alarm You, But Continental Cheesy Rice Is Finally Back

If you were broke as shit during uni like I was, then you probably lived on packet pasta and rice. When that stuff was on sale at the shops it was like God herself had blessed you with a bountiful harvest. Half price flavoured rice? You bet I’m eating like a fuckin’ KING tonight, babey.

And then one day, for no discernable reason, the coveted Continental Cheesy Rice was taken from shelves – and our collective hearts. The man took our precious cheese-and-rice combo that probably shouldn’t have ever worked as a gastronomical pairing but god damn, it did.

A meal fit for royalty, the delicious combination of undiscernable yet tasty ~cheese~ and rice was produced and marketed as a side dish but you stand here and tell me you didn’t smash down a couple of these bad boys before (or after) a night on the vodka raspberries.

With great pressure comes delightful results, and I’m here to tell you that the precious uni student staple, cooked in microwaves nationwide, is back. There’s no justice like angry mob justice, and by gum did the furious hoards of people calling, emailing, and shouting at Continental on social media get what they wanted.

The prodigal dish is back in Woolies from today, so there’s your 3pm snack sorted. You’re welcome.