KFC’s Colonel Sanders Is A Super Jacked Stripper Now And We Can’t Cope

Colonel Sanders

Just weeks after they transformed Colonel Sanders into a sexy Instagram thirst trap, KFC has struck again, making its iconic mascot into a disarmingly buff stripper in honour of … Mother’s Day? I don’t know, this is all truly so much and I truly need to lie down.

The US branch of the restaurant unveiled a video this week, showing the newly jacked Colonel Sanders pumping and thrusting in front of a group of backing dancers called the Chickendales, while reminding your mother that she’s a “real special lady.”

The campaign is promoting a new limited-time Cinnabon dessert biscuit, which features a cinnamon brown sugar glaze and cream cheese frosting, and looks about as sticky-sweet and difficult to digest as the video itself. Please enjoy:

In case you were wondering, KFC’s Virtual Influencer Colonel, who has been in charge of their Instagram for the past few weeks, has logged off to go on a yoga retreat: