Let’s Settle This Once & For All: Does Coles Or Woolies Have The Best Free Mag?

Like many people, I decided to spend isolation learning to embrace my inner Martha Stuart. Actually, embrace might be too strong a word for someone who had previously never so much as switched his oven on (not even exaggerating).

My foray into food was inspired by the free mags I noticed that were up for grabs at both Coles and Woolies. I grabbed them both and have spent many an iso evening watching the recipe leap out of the page and onto my plate and I’ve come to the conclusion that while they’re both brilliant, filled with loads of delicious, crowd-pleasing, easy-to-make recipes, one is superior to the other.

Drum roll pls…

The Coles mag.

First of all, in terms of size, Coles is a clear winner, boasting 194 pages of tasty goodness, while the Woolies mag has 96. When I first picked up the Coles mag, I literally didn’t think it was free based on the sheer size alone.

But both mags are incredible for their own reasons and feature tons of diverse recipes that are a delight to cook.

Here are some of the highlights of both.

Coles: Tray bakes

Got a last minute dinner party to pull together? Look no further than the multitude of tray bakes they have on offer in the current ish that are both easy to make and crowd-pleasing.

From the garlic, chicken and rosemary tray to the posh gnocchi tray bake with ratatouille, it’s got it all. Plus they only take 20 mins to cook which is major for folks who are time poor.

Woolies: Jamie Fkn Oliver

Thanks to Jamie Oliver’ partnership with Woolies, there are a bunch of recommendations from the man himself, which is obvs a winner.

Plus, he even offers up some super healthy options which is great and you know you’re in good hands ‘coz the dude knows what he’s yapping on about.

Coles: Soups

Winter is well and truly here, friends, which means it’s soup szn.

The current Coles mag has a bunch of iconic soups, along with new ones I’ve never heard of and can’t bloody wait to test out.

Both: Vego options

You always need vegetarian options on hand, whether you’re a vego yourself or have a vego mate stopping by.

Both mags are equipped with several options for you, including the delish deluxe vegetarian quesadillas (Woolies) and lentil dhal (Coles).

In summary, I defs recommend getting your hands on both ASAP, but in my opinion, Coles is the bomb.com.

Head to both stores to grab the June copy and get cooking.