This Bougie New Coles In The Heart Of Sydney CBD Has Kombucha Coming Out Its Goddamn Wahzoo

Coles is opening its first new supermarket in the Sydney CBD in 15 years, and luckily for us, the new store is bougie as fuck.

The new Coles Local, as it’s called, is located at 68 York Street, right near the QVB.

Inside are delights far beyond the repertoire of its more suburban compatriots. Consider this a Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium of the food world, if you will.

There’s an entire wall dedicated to kombucha, a fresh juice station and heaps more tofu than other Coles stores.

The shop has also got fresh macarons, mochi and mini ice creams coming out its wahzoo.

This ain’t your carnivorous grandpa’s supermarket, kiddo. And if it’s anything like the other Coles Local PEDESTRIAN.TV hit up last year, then we’re in for multiple treats.

For the lazy and culinarily inept ones among us (that’s me) there’s also 500 ready-to-eat meals to choose from.

This is the fourth Coles Local to open in Sydney, but the first in the CBD. There are currently three other stores in Melbourne, too.

In the very near future, one more store will open in Melb, plus the first Coles Local store up in Brisbane.

But this article’s about SYDNEY, goddamnit, so let us Sydneysiders salivate at yet another bougie food shop in the heart of the city.

Suddenly, I am very compelled to spend all my lunch breaks (and money) there.

Judging by what’s on offer, it seems my gut flora will thank me for it.