Coles Is Standing By Its Decision To Refer To These Samosas As, Uhh, ‘Indian Style Triangles’

Coles Indian Style Triangles

Coles has hit back after the whole of Australia collectively dunked on the supermarket for selling something called “Indian Style Triangles” which kind of sound like samosas, only shitter.

These weirdly-named imposter samosas were spotted by a bloke in the Subtle Curry Traits Facebook group, after which everyone proceeded to roast Coles for coming up with the most uninspiring name possible.

“I was looking to buy frozen samosas and then I saw this. Indian triangles. I guess spaghetti is just Italian wires then,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV last week.

Well now Coles wants the last word, and has defended the “triangles” as “definitely” being samosas. So why not just call them that?

“Our traditional Coles Vegetable Samosas are so popular with our customers that when we decided to add a new flavour to the range, we chose to give them a different name so customers could tell them apart easily,” a Coles spokesperson told 7News.

“Jackfruit Indian Style Triangles are definitely samosas and we’ve loved seeing the support for them since they launched.”

No matter what the gustatory worth of this new jackfruit flavour is, separating it from the rest of the samosas and calling them triangles is just plain weird.

Is this supposed to appeal to racist vegans who are addicted to jackfruit but hate Indian food? Or maybe it’s supposed to appeal to people who’re obsessed with geometry?

Can someone at Coles please tell us who on Earth they were referring to when they claimed they’ve seen “support for them since they launched”. Who are these mysterious Indian Style Triangle stans?!

Regardless, hopefully these samosas triangles don’t taste as bland as they sound.