In today’s edition of “look what we can do with coffee“, you can now grab your flat-white in an ice-cream cone in Sydney and Victoria, because fuck ceramics. 
Taking coffee dessert to a very literal level, these ice-cream cones are coated with enough layers of dark chocolate to ensure there’s no latté leakage. You’ve got about 10 minutes before it gets too melt-y, though if you’re a cappucino or mocha drinker, that might be more your forte.
It’s a real indulgent take on the whole ‘shot and chaser’ situation: when you’re finished with ya coffee, you follow it up with biting into a gooey chocolate and crunchy waffle cone. 
Your barista will pour in any coffee you want, though cone distributor Chris Lewis-Enright of Enright Foods reckons a piccolo hits the sweet balance of coffee-to-chocolate. 
Have in, take-away, or ice-cream cone?
It’s the ultimate pleasure,” says Chris. “Everyone loves wafers, chocolate, coffee: it just makes sense.
But the brains behind this soon-to-be highly ‘grammed coffee is South African barista Dayne Levinrad, who has been ripping ice-cream cones in his home country since last January. They’ve also caught on in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong.
It’s been trialled in a couple of Sydney cafés, like Bacino Bar in Balgowlah and Whale Beach Deli, and it sold out real quick. Chris promises the next batch will send out Wednesday to a select few Sydney and Victorian cafés.
The cone received a lotta hype today, so Chris’s confident you’ll be able to snack on these cones at yr local sometime soon. Chuck the coffee-in-a-cone a follow on Instagram to track its domination.
They’ll cost ya about $6-$6.50 each, and no, we will not make a joke about housing affordability and cafés.
Photo: Enright Foods