Cob loaf is an essential component of my summer diet, but as the weather heats up, I avoid turning my oven on at all costs. However, I recently discovered that my air fryer is the perfect size to fry up a good ol’ cob.

So, in the interest of culinary science, I challenged myself to eat nothing but cob loaves for 24 hours straight.

I’ve got the Philips Airfryer XXL, which is quite literally big enough to fit a whole-ass cob loaf inside it. But if you’ve only got a normal-sized air fryer, you could do the same thing with those cute mini cobs you can pick up from Coles and Woolies.

i mean it when i say, she’s a BEAST.

Before we get started, I feel obligated to warn you not to try this at home. Eating nothing but cob loaf is not a healthy diet, and this was an absolutely stupid idea. Take it from me, your body does not need this much cob.

This challenge started as me eating breakfast, lunch and dinner cobs (I had plans for a dessert cob, too), and quickly turned into three days of nothing but straight cob because I wildly underestimated how much food this was.

If you’re stupid enough to try this, I recommend doing it with friends.

Breakfast: Baked Brie Cob

The first cob off the ranks (sorry, I couldn’t resist a cob pun) was a simple brie cob. The baked brie cob is a classic. She’s simple, she’s elegant, you know what you’re getting. We love her.

I spiced it up with a couple of cloves of garlic before baking, chucked that bad boy in the air fryer, and a few short minutes later: cob.

In hindsight, starting with a whole wheel of brie was a recipe for disaster because I love brie and ate the whole thing in one sitting.

I guess the lesson here is that one cob loaf is my absolute limit for the day. But unfortunately, I had already committed to the challenge.

Lunch: Traditional French Onion Cob

For lunch, I decided to dig myself a deeper hole with a traditional French onion cob. Mind the fact that it looks like shit because I accidentally dropped it when I took it out of the air fryer (warning: air fryers are hot, if you touch them, you *will* burn yourself).

I imagine this is what most people think of when they make a cob – a creamy, cheesy dip, usually with spinach and French onion soup added for some extra ~pizzaz~.

Honestly, if you’ve got an air fryer handy, this is a perfect summer snack, especially during the Christmas holidays.

In hindsight, I should’ve heated the filling in a pot before I put it in the air fryer so the cheese had enough time to fully melt. But hey, I wasn’t throwing a fancy party, this was my second cob of the day and I was eating it on my couch watching New Girl reruns. She didn’t need to be pretty, but she was definitely tasty.

RIP French Onion Cob

Dinner: The Bolognese Cob

Like I said, three cobs in one day was an absolutely stupid idea, so by the time dinner rolled around, I could barely even think about food. But in the interest of ~science~, I opted for a bolognese cob.

This bad boy was the true GOAT of Cob Day, purely because I smeared a layer of garlic butter inside the cob before baking.

At this point, my body could not possibly handle any more dairy, so I opted for vegan cheese, which sadly didn’t melt as planned. But again, I’m not entertaining guests, and to be honest, chunks of fried cheese is exactly what my body needs.

Honestly, if you’re in the mood for bolognese and don’t want pasta, chuck it in a cob loaf for the ultimate comfort snack. Zero regrets here.

I initially had plans to make this fairy bread cob loaf but, on account of the fact that my body could not handle any more carbs or dairy, I had to call it quits after dinner (with enough leftovers to last me the whole weekend).

While I don’t recommend eating nothing but cob loaf for a whole day, I think the only logical conclusion here is that air fryer cob loaf is a great idea and you should absolutely try it this summer.