A Fk Tonne Of Kitchenware Is On Sale RN If Yr Sharehouse Could Use A Clean Pan Or Two

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV
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I moved out earlier this year, and while I wasn’t a bad cook per se when I lived at home, there’s something about having moved out that’s made me so invested in wanting to cook delicious and tasty meals for me and my housemates. Is this adulthood? Maybe. The only thing I do know? It’s expensive as shit.

With the rise in the cost of living, making the price of my two avocados and a leek eye-watering, it’s been a challenge trying to remind myself that I cannot buy a KitchenAid or Nutribullet on a whim. But now that Click Frenzy has frenzied its way into my brain (and my entire Instagram feed with sponsored ads), it’s the perfect time to invest in quality brands for dirt-cheap prices. Well, not necessarily DIRT cheap, but far cheaper than usual, you know? And for some reason, that really justifies it for me.

With that in mind, here are some killer Click Frenzy kitchenware sales I’ve found to streamline your search…

The best Click Frenzy kitchen deals

1. Baccarat Gourmet Pasta Machine

Click Frenzy

Baccarat Gourmet Pasta Machine, $199.99 down to $79.99

$40 off a pasta machine that I absolutely don’t need and yet very much want is pretty fkn good. Who knows? I might go through a pasta phase!!!

2. Tefal Specialty Grillpan

Tefal Specialty Grillpan, $129.95 down to $77.97

50% off a grillpan? Do I even need a grillpan? OBVIOUSLY, THE ANSWER IS YES.

3. Cosmic Cookware Cosmo Pan Set

Click Frenzy

Cosmic Cookware Cosmo Pan Set, $437 down to $399

Featuring Cosmic Cookware’s iconic viral pan, this set is the perfect starter pack to get your hands on the basics — they’re also a good size if you’re starting to cook for bigger groups and your housemates more.

4. Stanley Rogers 6 Piece Stainless Steel Set

Stanley Rogers Set, $399.95 down to $179

One of the best deals you get during Click Frenzy is pots and pans. This stainless steel set is all you really need for cooking, and it’s more than 50% off.

5. Davis & Waddell Bamboo Steamer

Click Frenzy

Davis & Waddell Bamboo Steamer, $39.95 down to $23.97

Do I need a bamboo steamer? No. Will I now learn to make dumplings? Also, probably no, but MAYBE!!

6. Baccarat Damashiro Bodo 10 Piece Japanese Steel Knife Block

Baccarat Knife Block, $1349.99 down to $399.99

Okay, a knife block of Japanese steel blades that was over $1,000 and is now FOUR HUNDRED? If you’ve got the cash, you’d be stupid not to.

7. Amara 12-Piece Dinner Set

Click Frenzy

Amara 12-Piece Set, $179.95 down to $49

Three words, chic as fuck. And by that, I mean the design and the price.

8. Healthy Choice Digital Airfryer

Breville Coffee Machine, $399 down to $249

I stand by the fact that everyone literally needs an air fryer. I cook everything from pork crackling to fkn chicken nuggets and cakes in there, and they slap EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

9. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

Click Frenzy

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, $899 down to $699

If you’ve always been saving for a KitchenAid, this one could really save you max pennies.