American Chain Cinnabon Is Coming To Sydney & I Can’t Wait To Guzzle That White Stuff


Prepare thine laughing gear, Cinnabon is cumming to Sydney and I’ve never been more excited to swallow that white stuff. Icing… I mean icing!!!!!

If you aren’t familiar with the other-worldly creation that is Cinnabon — it’s essentially a cinnamon scroll topped with a gooey cream cheese icing. But it’s unlike what you’d get at your local Woolies, these baked goods are served warm and fresh. It’s like biting down into a cloud. They are unreal.

“Oh, but you’re just paid to say that you corporate swine,” I hear you say.

But that’s where you’re wrong, because I had my very first Cinnabon scroll just last week. In Liverpool, England of all places….

I went into the store on a whim, or perhaps it was more of a calling. I could smell that doughy goodness from outside the store and one thing lead to another. I guzzled that thing good. I ate it like my life depended on it. I’ve never been more satiated.

Intrigued now? Well good, because the store is set to open in late 2022 in Darling Square.

The store will be a 40-square metre haven on the corner of Harbour Street near Market City. Plus there’s outdoor seating for up to 20 people, so little miss La Niña better behave herself.

There will be multiple varieties of scrolls available. Plus, the Sydney store bakers have the opportunity to design their own flavours. Vegemite scrolls anyone?

Cinnabon also plans to open 15 stores throughout Sydney, so if Darling Square is a bit far just hold your horses until 2023.

But if I was you, I wouldn’t wait and would just make the trek. It’s not every day that you get to experience a sugar awakening like trying a Cinnabon for the first time.