Chupa Chups Ice Creams Exist & Fingers Crossed It Doesn’t Take Five Years To Open Them Too

chupa chups ice cream

News of weird and wonderful collaborations are always taken with a big grain of salt when they appear so close to April 1st, but apparently, this is legit. Chupa Chups — those delicious suckers we’ll take from the cradle to the rave to the grave — is coming out in ice cream form.

The yummy lollipops has collaborated with Bulla Dairy to create the new frozen nummies. And don’t be alarmed, it has’t gone for some flavour that doesn’t translate to creamy ice cream — the Chupa Chups flavour chosen is the supremely perfect Strawberries and Cream.

Bulla has transformed the sugary sucker into an ice cream cone complete with a strawberry and vanilla ice cream swirl, strawberry sauce mixed through and topped with crushed candy. The whole thing is perfectly scooped into a waffle cone, which is already heaps better than absent-mindedly chewing on a plastic stick until it’s all flat, mangled and weird.

chupa chups ice cream
YUMMY. [Image: Supplied]
The ice creams will land in the freezer aisles at your local independent grocers now and at Woolies from May 2. A four-pack of these yummy treats will set you back $8.50, which sounds like a pretty good deal for this dream collab.

Just between you and me — this definitely sounds miles better than that cursed Zooper Dooper milk I saw around the traps not too long ago. Those things were not of this world. Simply wretched drinks.

All we can hope for is that these ice creams are easier to unwrap than actual Chupa Chups. There’s no way an ice cream cone would survive being ripped at like one of those little lollipops.